Serving & Getting Involved

To Evangelize, so that others will grow in Grace and Knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 
Assures that the seniors of our church are recognized ans assisted in whatever way needed.  
21Membership Support
Supports and encourages all new members to get involved in various activities and ministries of the church.  
pic2Men’s Ministry 
Endeavors to encourage men to increase their faith in God and get involved in the work of the church.  Seeks to promote spiritual growth ans unity among the men of FMBC. 
Stock ImageYouth Ministry 
Teach the youth to live and love the Word of God. To teach and encourage the youth to use their God given talent. 
Endeavors to get the Word of God out into the whole world.
Music Ministry 
To enhance worship services by proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ and his redemptive power through songs of praise and inspiration. 
Drama Ministry
To minister to all through skits, plays, and poems. To reach those that receives more through visual aids than hearing alone. 
Single Adult Ministry 
Teach single men and women how to live a happy and complete life according to the Word of God. 
Usher Ministry 
To serve God by serving others.  
Married Couples Ministry 
To enhance ans enrich the couple’s spiritual growth and faith in our Lord Jesus. 
Embellishment Ministry  
To assist each ministry in selecting appropriate decorations motif designs for their church activities.